Bertis products

Our factories provide a wide range of cold cuts, meats, frozen products, as well as baked goods, pasties and confectionery products.

Our own recipes combine the flavour of Transylvania with the prowess and the tradition of the Szeklers in the preparation of meat.

Our smoked and processed meat are basic ingredients, without which the bean soup with smoked meat, the most savory goulash or the roasted cabbage with pork shank would be unimaginable.

Dried Bertis salami and smoked sausages are, by quality and taste, our costumers’ preferred choices. In our shop windows, beside the traditional Transylvanian products, are placed sausages, baloney and the famous BERTIS meat rolls.

We offer fresh and frozen beef, pork, chicken, turkey, duck and fish, cold cuts, smoked meat and other specialties.

In order to meet all of our costumers’ requirements at the highest level, we provide convenience food, frozen vegetables and cakes, breads and homemade cakes.

Our products are manufactured with great care and continually verified, satisfying without exception the EU standards (ISO 9001 and EN ISO 22000).

We are one of the few domestic manufacturers who don't use mechanically prepared meat (MDM).

Cold cuts

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Frozen products

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Bakery - Confectionery

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